The Simplest Way to Manage Imports and Exports

Tallysticks puts all your order information in one place.

That way you don’t have to remember which email that attachment is in or think about whether you're looking at the latest version of a critical document.

And you'll always know which deadline is up next.

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Why Tallysticks?

All your information in one place

Use one platform for all your important trade information so you can save time looking for it and working on it

Fewer delays and unforeseen costs

Buyer and seller see and work off the same platform which means you’re always in sync and less can go wrong

Strengthen your relationships

Always be on the same page and know exactly what to do and why so you can focus on your orders, together

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Testimonials from our Beta Users

"Here you have a common language. Information is shared at the same level between buyer and seller, so you don't have to waste time."

- Co-Founder of a luxury stationery business

"I didn't think we had an issue with import/export, but now that we did this demo with Tallysticks I see that we have a huge problem and this is the way to improve it. It's way nicer than our ERP."

- CFO of a multinational security hardware company

"The biggest problem now is having no clarification between buyer and seller. Your software manages all data in one place instead of using Excel or Word."

- Import/export agent based in India

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