About Us

We believe international trade brings people together - growing prosperity, promoting the exchange of ideas and driving the wheels of commerce

We are London-based innovators who want to re-engineer old and broken processes with technology. And, we've applied our relevant skills of importing, banking, consulting, product management, product design and software development to reinvent global supply chain processes such as international trade.

Tallysticks was founded in 2015 with the mission of enabling business growth. In the beginning, we used blockchain technology to develop growth tools. Today, we use a more mature technology stack.

Throughout, we have never wavered on our focus of solving supply chain problems for our customers in a way that delivers growth.

Our Mission

International trade powers the global economy. But, international trade is broken.

Our mission is to modernise, simplify and unlock value in global supply chains.

We want to replace an antiquated workflow with one that is online, codified and collaborative. This improves global commerce. It also removes frustrating inefficiencies that prevent global trade from expanding. In effect, we want to give businesses the tools that build commercial confidence and enable more business.

Tallysticks allows businesses to create, sign and share trade documents online. Doing so reduces the errors, delays, and costs that strain business relationships. Soon, our platform will help businesses make and receive payments that are faster, cheaper and safer. This will also bring more transparency and trust to international transactions without the need for a Letter of Credit. Lastly, our platform will enable them to get quicker access to the financing they need for growth.

By simplifying the the operational workflow of international trade and integrating it with payments, importers and exporters will enjoy a smoother transaction experience with Tallysticks. This unlocks value by encouraging importers and exporters to trade more. It also means stronger global supply chain networks.


Meet the Team

Kush Patel

Kush has always been one to rip up the playbook. In part, that's why he left a successful career at JP Morgan. After earning a Master’s degree from Columbia University, he served as a US-diplomat, before venturing out on his own. As an importer, Kush saw the need for an international trade solution. Kush brings both international trade and finance expertise to Tallysticks. The application today and its roadmap is a result of his knowledge and ideas. When not thinking about work, which isn’t often, Kush enjoys running. He also plays the occasional round of golf. He’d love to play more but he doesn’t think that would be fair to his wife and amazing daughter.

George Wilson

George has been tinkering with the web since he was about 13. After brief distraction studying Geoscience at the University of Bristol, George entered the professional world of development and soon became part of the founding team of Car Throttle as CTO. He took what was just ideas on a slide deck into a stable, secure and scalable media platform that attracted millions of users. George brings a commercial mindset to technology at Tallysticks, ensuring that our engineering team is always focussed on enabling the Company to provide the best possible service to our users. Outside of coding, George likes to spend his time driving his beloved MX-5, or sampling IPAs whilst getting excited about the F1 season.

Nitesh Srivastava

Tesh has always wanted to rebuild complex processes. After studying French and German at UCL, he worked for a Technology Accelerator in Berlin as a business analyst for technology companies who sought to redefine industries such as food, eSports and facilities. To improve his understanding of complex, multinational businesses and systems, he worked at KPMG as a management consultant and machine learning product manager whilst earning the CIMA Certificate in Management Accounting. Tesh coordinates business units at Tallysticks to ensure customer needs are met and that the team is happy and healthy. In other words, he does the heavy lifting in the office. So, it’s no surprise that Tesh also likes lifting heavy weights when away from work. When not lifting, Tesh loves a good debate.

Milos Soskic

Milos combines his Eastern European and London backgrounds with his study of Interaction Design to deliver his passion of creating beautiful, user-focussed digital products. He is the founder of Citrus Mist and worked for technology startups such as AgentCash, Busuu to corporates like the NHS. A certified Incoterms® expert, Milos is passionate about digitising complex processes such as international trade. To wind down, Milos stays up late to hear his favourite DJs whilst discussing the socio-economic issues of low income families in developed countries.

Edward Ruchevits

Edward loves solving puzzles. After studying Computer Science and Maths, he and a friend began a startup. But, when the Ethereum Foundation came calling, he jumped at the chance. Edward specialised in backend engineering, but he is comfortable working with the whole stack. Edward is the Company’s lead engineer. He leads backend development. For fun, Edward sometimes likes getting lost … literally. After all, solving how to get home can sometimes be a challenge. When Edward is not trying to lose himself, you can find him at a rock concert.

Julian Veling

Julian is a classically trained musician. But he took up coding when he realised that playing piano didn’t pay the bills. He started his career as frontend engineer but recently he changed focus to become a backend engineer. Julian loves a challenge. Maybe that’s why he decided to do a Masters degree while helping to stand up Tallysticks’ backend. At Tallysticks, Julian is a core part of the engineering team. He brings a broad range of experience and expertise. Outside of work, Julian tinkers with musical instruments and plays football, sometimes in the middle of a hot summer’s day. Remember - Julian loves a challenge!

Jack Casey

Jack has been a frontend software dreamweaver for 6 years. Jack has worked for agencies developing and deploying website but was attracted to the challenge of building a web application from scratch. Jack has quickly risen to build the frontend of Tallysticks with support from the team. Jack appreciates the finer things in life, he knows his claret from his beaujolais and his Bach from his Beethoven. A truly cultured individual, Jack can offer deeply philosophical insights on wide ranging issues; from tying shoe laces to the impact of technology on modern society.

Mariana Caramori

Mariana is an adventurer. In fact, her move from Sao Paulo to London was quite daring, she only knew one person when arriving here. Before moving, Mariana worked in a chemicals company. There, she was the international purchasing manager, so she understands the world of international trade and supply chains. Mariana is the utility person at Tallysticks. Her brave, can-do attitude means that she is willing to step outside of her comfort zone to tackle any challenge at the office. She has even learned to do some coding. Little known is that Mariana is a gamer (her favourite is God of War). More than gaming, she loves rock climbing. That’s why she’s always reaching for new challenges.

Peter Neyra

Peter is a true “world-citizen” and we’re not able to keep track of where he has lived, worked or travelled to. After studying Civil and Environmental Engineering and building an innovation programme for his University, Peter moved into growth marketing. He has a natural ability to link quantitative data to qualitative insights and vice versa. Peter is deeply passionate about playing drums and curating music and even has his own Spotify radio show - Radio ATYPICA. His driving area of interest is building companies and delivering value at scale.