Tallysticks is based in London, UK and is a multidisciplinary team that come from a variety of backgrounds:  from import/export, financial services, design and humanities to software development.

On our “About Us” page, we have profiles on our people.

We always list our open roles on this website but we encourage good people to get in touch with us. We are always happy to get a coffee and discuss future ways to work together!

Some of the skills we look for across all our roles:

> Fast learner: The world of international trade is unfamiliar to most people, but we pride ourselves on our understanding so that we can empathise with users

> Can communicate clearly and articulately with little jargon Is a self starter that works well in a highly dynamic and fast-paced environmentIs analytically minded whether that be quantitatively or qualitatively

> Can give and receive critical feedback with compassion and empathy

Some of the skills we look for on engineering roles:

> Problem solver - We believe engineers are are their best when given product problems to build, rather than handed solutions to implement

> Strong software engineering principles - you know your best practices for writing secure, fast and maintainable code

> Good knowledge of modern JavaScript including the latest language features

> Build, testing and automation tools such as CI tools and Docker

> Excellent knowledge of the web stack: browser networking, performance and the latest DOM APIs

> Experience with a variety of types of databases and understanding of their different use cases

> Familiar with cloud computing concepts (we use AWS)

> Awareness of modern web security practices

Some of the skills we look for on commercial roles:

> Demonstrable interest in international affairs - e.g. trade, economics, finance, politics
> A real desire to own and deliver work
> Has experience in project management roles and principles
> Has experience in leadership roles and positions
> Is passionate about customers’ needs
> Has excellent command of English; other languages desirable
> Degree educated with minimum 2.1 (or equivalent); any field of study